Portable Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Fluid flow sensing, redefined.

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Flow meter and carrying case

Portable Clamp-on

Orcas is a highly portable clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter that installs on the outside of your pipe–and senses through the pipe wall. Your mobile device displays measurements with less hassle and in less time. With no wires, no clamps, no bulky electronics boxes to lug around, you'll get the job done quickly, and easily, every time. Learn more

Bluetooth connection

Built-in Bluetooth

The Orcas sensor and Orcas App connect via Bluetooth. With no cumbersome wires in the way and your trusty mobile device instead of a bulky box, you’ll work faster and more easily in close quarters. Learn more

Fast and easy

Fast, Easy Setup

Easier to use at every step. All-in-one clamp-on ultrasonic design mounts on the outside of your pipe - and with no wires to untangle or connect.

With Orcas, just bring the rechargeable sensor in its lightweight case, along with a tablet or smartphone (iOSTM or AndroidTM). Bluetooth connectivity replaces wires, and the Orcas app helps you quickly and easily select or enter pipe specifics.

Parameters all set! Now the convenient Cam Cleat lets you mount the sensor on the pipe in seconds—no cumbersome clamps required. Your settings are stored in the Orcas app, ready for reuse. Learn more

Pre-loaded databases

Saves Locations

Set up a location once—and only once. The Orcas App saves your locations and settings, so you can retrieve and re-use them every time you return. Now you can be more confident you’ll get the right readings, every time. Learn more

Pre-loaded libraries

Pre-loaded Libraries

The Orcas app knows pipes and fluids. The Orcas App comes with a rich, built-in pipe and fluid database. Simply select from the pre-loaded pipe types, pipe dimensions and fluids, and you’re ready to take readings. Less data entry, less risk of error. Learn more

Built-in Data Logging

Built-in Data Logging

Record, upload and share data. Conveniently record flow for as long as 14 days or as little as one minute. The Orcas data logger uses Bluetooth (BLE) to transfer data from the flow meter to your mobile device. Data is stored on the flow meter and may be retrieved at any time. You only need to upload the data log once from Orcas. Once the data is uploaded, it may be shared any number of times without additional uploading, until a new data log is started. Shared data is formatted in a CSV file. Learn more